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German heavy metal band rammstein

Music is a part of our spiritual development, and musicians try in every possible way to create masterpieces that can really be listened to endlessly. The German heavy metal band Rammstein is strength, power and a harsh character all rolled into one. The famous has gained popularity on almost all continents and today occupies a leading position in rock music. Who became the legend and when did the band form? What compositions have conquered the world and why are Rammstein’s songs (a German legend) so fond of?

History of origin German heavy metal band rammstein

The German heavy metal band Rammstein group was formed over 20 years ago, in 1994. The musicians were able to reach the top of their careers, worldwide recognition and millions of fans around the world. The composition of the “Ramstein” group is a set of really qualified musicians and performers:

  • Richard Z. Kruspe (guitar)
  • Till Lindemann (vocals);
  • (Bas-guitar);
  • (drums);
  • “Flake” Lorenz (keyboards);
german heavy metal band rammstein

Today these names are recognizable, but the musicians worked in a joint project long before 1994. Earlier, in 1993, they were able to win the right to record music in a professional studio at the Berlin Rock Festival in the summer. It was this moment that became the starting point, and from this temporary place the life of Rammstein begins.

The choice of the name is not random!

The Ramstein group performs music of a special class: harsh, impetuous, powerful and extravagant. The harsh style and the created image are fully justified by the compositions of the group. Rammstein translated from German means “ramming stone”. The performers themselves claim that this name is an exceptional accident that can unite the tragedy that happened in 1988. Then the disaster that occurred during the demonstration flights at the NATO base led to huge losses: two planes collided, which fell directly on the audience. On that day, at least 50 people were burned to death, and another 20 seriously wounded died in intensive care. After that moment came the composition of the group Ohne Dich, which is translated as “Without you”. The german heavy metal band rammstein is a prominent figure in the music industry, which still delights with new compositions at various rock festivals and, in particular, in solo performances of the main soloist Till Lindemann.

Till Lindemann – voice of Rammstein

Till Lindemann - voice of Rammstein

It is hard to imagine another main songwriter in Rammstein now. Till Lindemann is the lead singer of the “Ramstein” group, who was able to bring the group to record chart positions with his voice. The main feature of the group is that they do not “mow” to the West. They are Germans and sing in German, do not hide their true roots, but, on the contrary, clearly demonstrate their beautiful native land.

Till Lindemann is the most prominent figure, he is also the lead singer of the “Ramstein” group, on whose shoulders the performance of the compositions lay. At the moment, the performer is more than 52 years old, and he met this date with the release of a solo album. Their solo career does not speak about the breakup of the group – they still tour the group just as well and earn decent royalties on it.

Music and songs of the German heavy metal band rammstein

german heavy metal band rammstein

Those who have a short idea of ​​what the German heavy metal band rammstein are performing will understand the basic mood of these compositions, their style. The songs of the “Ramstein” group are harsh, motivational and even sometimes provocative compositions. Their translations from German are sometimes impressive: “How can you even sing about this ???” So, for example, it is enough to read the translation of the song Mutter, the essence of which is “I am from a test tube”, to understand how sharp the composers of this group are in their statements. Although for us this performance will seem shocking, it was this song that became a real legend, recognizable by the melody of this legendary German rock band. The most famous songs of the group are such compositions as Du hast, Rosenrot, Sonne.

It’s hard not to notice such an important part of the band’s career as the videos. They, like music, received special attention. The songs of the group “Ramstein”, such as Mutter, Amerika, often have “indecent” subtext, and the video clips fully correspond to the same characteristics. Some “decent” albums and video recordings for songs are recordings from festivals or concerts, but the older the band gets, the more “unreal” the video clips are shot. The lead singer Till Lindemann appears completely naked in some of the songs. On many screens in the country, such video clips are prohibited or are shown only at night. Directing provides “challenging” scripts that perhaps reflect the spirit of Rammstein – tough, powerful and strong.

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