How to deal with assholes at work

In this article, we will share the methods of how to deal with assholes at work and defeat abusive bosses and colleagues.

How to deal with assholes at work ? Start with a polite confrontation.

Some people do not even intend to behave like a bastard. They will be surprised if you gently let them know about your feelings of humiliation. There are bastards who deliberately demean, but will stop doing it as soon as you stop them in a cultured but firm manner.

How to deal with assholes at work ? limit your contact with them

If the abuser continues to spit on you with poison, limit your contact with him if possible. Avoid meeting with him. If possible, conduct them over the phone. Keep these conversations as short as possible. Be polite, but do not supply your opponent with personal information in any way, including email. If a freak writes or says something nasty, try to refrain from responding: it will drive you into a vicious circle of bastard behavior. At meetings, if possible, do not sit down. Recent research shows that standing meetings are just as effective as sedentary meetings, but shorter. Therefore, try to meet in rooms where there are no chairs, and in any case, do not sit down – this will limit your contact with the assholes.

Find an opportunity to enjoy small victories over the assholes

If you cannot change or expel the abuser, find small opportunities to strengthen your control over the situation and fight back. This will make you feel empowered, and it can convince the abuser to leave you and others alone.

Train in indifference and emotional detachment

Train in indifference and emotional detachment – learn not to give your soul to the asshole. This is one of the secrets of how to deal with assholes at work Management gurus and top managers are constantly chattering about the importance of dedication, passion and the ability to immerse themselves in work. This is good advice when your boss and coworkers treat you with dignity. But if you work with people who treat you like dirt, they don’t deserve your passion and dedication. Practice tolerating unpleasant events without reacting to them. Don’t let their mean words and actions really touch you. Learn to be quietly detached until the day comes when you find a job that deserves your passion and dedication.

How to deal with assholes at work ? Involve other victims

Involve other victims and witnesses in support. As the example of the official shows, this is an extremely effective tactic. It is much more difficult for a management – or a judge – to dismiss a complaint made by a group of victims than it is from a single individual. People who confront bullying colleagues together are less stressed, more likely to keep their jobs, and kick out the bully.

Take legal action if necessary, but only as a last resort

Detailed documentary evidence is required for such legal claims. But if you are experiencing abuse at work, then it’s best for you to get out of there as soon as possible, before you are seriously hurt. For people trapped in vile work, there are no easy solutions. But we hope that our humble list of tips will help those who are looking for an opportunity to fight back against a nasty boss. And here’s another tip: laugh at the insults from your fellow asshole and forward his nasty letters to your boss. The point is that if you don’t take these nasty things as something that deserves serious attention, they do less harm, and there is a basis for several victims to unite and start fighting off the abuser.
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