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Why can t we feel the earth moving

Why can t we feel the earth moving ? A few centuries ago, people believed that the Earth is stationary, and the Sun, Moon and stars revolve around it. It’s easy to see why people thought that. At least that’s what it looked like. And no one could feel that the Earth was spinning. If the Earth is spinning, why don’t objects fly away from it, including water in the oceans? Today, of course, we know that the Earth rotates in two directions and that is why can t we feel the earth moving. It moves around the Sun and rotates around its own axis.

The reason why can t we feel the earth moving it is because we move with the surface of the Earth. We, like the water in the oceans, are held on the surface of the Earth by gravity. The rotation of the Earth is known to us from many things that we observe and feel. It is the rotation that causes the change of day and night. If the Earth did not rotate, then there would always be day on the side facing the Sun, and the opposite side would always be in darkness. But each point of the Earth during 24 hours is first on the illuminated side, and then on the dark side.

So why can t we feel the earth moving ?

Another important movement of the Earth that we cannot “feel” but that changes our lives is the rotation of the Earth around the Sun. It is this movement that causes the change of seasons, and you know how our lives change every season. This journey around the sun takes 365.25 days, that is, a year, which is the measure of our history, our lives, etc. The change of seasons is caused by the tilt of the earth’s axis. It is 23.5 degrees vertically. Each pole is tilted towards the Sun during half a year and tilted away from it during the second half. Therefore, for 6 months the northern part of the Earth receives more sunlight and heat (it is summer), and during the other months it receives less sunlight (these are cooler seasons).

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